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Has your child become addicted to smartphone?

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Apple certified Technicians

To solve your iPhone, iPad, and iMac problems!

Our technicians have labored to become a part of the Apple© Technician family in order to provide critical services and repairs to your Apple© device.

All Apple devices are allowed to be repaired at our office, Bring in your device to see what we can do for you! *pricing differentiation is located at our pricing page

Device Services

Our General Computer services target causes of problems with your device before or after the damage is done. We would preffer cathing problems before they become larger, all to save our cutomers money. If you calculate the cost of a entry-level computer (Walmart® bought) times the number of computers purchased would exceed paying so little to save money in the long-run.

We handle all your digital needs!

From setup to recycling, Link Tech ITC has services for all your needs. Link Tech ITC also has plans for customers who are struggling to pay their service cost through our PromisePay® program.

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Link Tech ITC serves all towns and municipal areas in Clearfield County to assist in educating and answering common problems any user faces.

Phone: +01 (814)590-7179

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Link Tech ITC is an Information Technology Consultancy dedicated to aiding technology users and businesses with issues, planning, systems monitoring and other services.